4.8 Pixmap

Pixmap objects are used to represent the Pixmap type. A Pixmap object can be obtained using the widget method CreatePixmap.

A Pixmap is an offscreen piece of memory in which the application can draw. Drawing in the pixmap can be done using a Graphics Context object which can be created using the CreateGC method. The pixmap can be copied to a window or another pixmap using the CopyArea and CopyPlane methods.

Pixmap objects (pixmap_objects) have the following methods:

CopyArea( destobject, gc_object, src_x, src_y, width, height, dest_x, dest_y)
This function corresponds with XCopyArea.

CopyPlane( destobject, gc_object, src_x, src_y, width, height, dest_x, dest_y, plane)
This function corresponds with XCopyPlane.

CreateGC( gc_dict)
Returns gc_object. This function corresponds with XCreateGC.

ReadBitmapFile( file)
Returns (width, height, pixmap_object, hotspot_x, hotspot_y). This function corresponds with XReadBitmapFile.

WriteBitmapFile( file, width, height[, x_hot, y_hot])
This function corresponds with XWriteBitmapFile.