1. Introduction

This document describes the calling sequences and return values of all functions that have been implemented in the X extension of Python. If a function is not mentioned in this document, it was not implemented. In addition, the actual X function that is called internally is mentioned. For the precise semantics of the function, please refer to the X documentation.

In many cases, functions in the X libraries have been turned into methods of various objects. See the sections on the various objects for lists of defined methods. See the index to find of which object a function is a method.

As an appetizer, here is the Hello World program using Motif.

    import sys, Xt, Xm

    def main():
        toplevel = Xt.Initialize('XHello', [], sys.argv)
        hello = toplevel.CreateManagedWidget('hello', Xm.Label,
                                             {'labelString': 'Hello World'})